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اسلام آباد Islāmabād
—  Capital City  —
From top: Faisal Mosque, Saudi-Pak Tower, Serena Hotel, Pakistan Monument, Prime Minister House, Margalla Hills
Islamabad is located in Pakistan
Location within Pakistan
Country Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Territory Islamabad Capital Territory
Constructed 1960s
Union Council 40 UC
(District Govt. system yet to be placed)
 - Chief Commissioner Kamran Lashari
 - Chairman CDA Tariq Mehmood Khan
 - کُل 906.50 کلومیٹر2 (350 میل2)
ودھ توں ودھ بلندی
گھٹ توں گھٹ بلندی
لوک گنتی (2009)
 - کُل 1,875,000
 لوک سنگھنائی
ویلہ زون PST (یو ٹی سی+5)
Postal Code 44000
رقبہ کوڈ 051
ویب سائیٹ

Mount Everest
Everest kalapatthar crop.jpg
Everest from Kala Patthar in Nepal
Mount Everest is located in Nepal
Mount Everest
Mount Everest
Location within Nepal on the Nepal–Tibet border
Elevation 8,848 metres (29,029 ft)[1]
Ranked 1st
Location Flag of Nepal Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Flag of چین Tibet, China[2]
Range Mahalangur Himal, Himalaya
Prominence 8,848 m (29,029 ft)
Notice special definition for Everest.
Coordinates Coordinates: [3]
First ascent 29 May 1953
Flag of New Zealand Edmund Hillary
Flag of Nepal Tenzing Norgay
Easiest route South Col (Nepal)
Listing Seven Summits
Country high point
Sandbox is located in Earth
Location on Earth
Mount Everest relief map


  1. Based on elevation of snow cap, not rock head. For more details, see Measurement.
  2. The position of the summit of Everest on the international border is clearly shown on detailed topographic mapping, including official Nepalese mapping.
  3. The WGS84 coordinates given here were calculated using detailed topographic mapping and are in agreement with adventurestats. They are unlikely to be in error by more than 2". Coordinates showing Everest to be more than a minute further east that appeared on this page until recently, and still appear in Wikipedia in several other languages, are incorrect.