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آزاد انسائیکلوپیڈیا، وکیپیڈیا توں




Template intended to force following fonts if installed:

These fonts contain all Arabic character defined in Arabic Unicode for text in the various languages that use the Arabic script, but not all the redundant glyphs used in stylizing.

If the previous fonts are not installed, other fallback fonts would display:

  • Arabic Transparent, Arial (essentially look the same and lack a few characters)
  • Microsoft Sans Serif (lacks a few characters and lacks a bold weight)
  • Calibri (lacks a few characters and lacks a normal weight)
  • Sakkal Majalla
  • Microsoft Uighur (lacks a few characters and lacks a bold weight)
  • Arabic Typesetting (lacks a bold weight)



Use {{Arabic-international|Your text}}, or to be more specific use {{Arabic-international|lang code|Your text}}:

For entire rtl paragraphs use


Registered Wikipedia users can override the font declarations in this template by adding a declaration in the user style sheet, e.g. User:XXX/vector.css (for the new standard style) or User:XXX/monobook.css (for the old standard style), where XXX is the user name. (for more, see Special:MyPage/vector.css and Help:User style) Example entry:

.arabic-international {
   font-size: 175% !important;
   line-height: 95%;
   font-family: Scheherazade, Lateef, "Droid Arabic Naskh", Amiri,
   "Microsoft Uighur", "Sakkal Majalla", "Arabic Typesetting" !important;

Additional letters


Here you can check, if the right font (with correct letters and rendering) for the language is chosen:

فارسی زبان - Persian alphabet:

  • with template lang: پـ ـپـ ـپ پ - چـ ـچـ ـچ چ - ـژ ژ - کـ ـکـ ـک ک - گـ ـگـ ـگ گ - یـ ـیـ ـی ی
  • with template Arabic-international: سانچہ:Arabic-international

Pashto language - Pashto alphabet:

  • with template lang: ټـ ـټـ ـټ ټ - ـډ ډ - ـړ ړ - ڼـ ـڼـ ـڼ ڼ - ـږ ږ - ښـ ـښـ ـښ ښ - ځـ ـځـ ـځ ځ - څـ ـڅـ څـ څ - ـۀ ۀ - ېـ ـېـ ـې ې - ـى ى - ـۍ ۍ
  • with template Arabic-international: سانچہ:Arabic-international

Urdu language - Urdu alphabet:

  • with template lang: ٹـ ـٹـ ٹـ ٹ - ـڈ ڈ - ـڑ ڑ - ـں ں - ہـ ـہـ ـہ ہ - ھـ ـھـ ـھ ھ - ـے ے
  • with template Arabic-international: سانچہ:Arabic-international

Sindhi language:

Uyghur language - Uyghur Arabic alphabet (Uyghur Ereb Yéziqi ):

  • with template lang: ـە ە - ېـ ـېـ ـې ې - ىـ ـىـ ـى ى - ـۆ ۆ - ـۇ ۇ - ـۈ ۈ - ـۋ ۋ - ڭـ ـڭـ ـڭ ڭ - ھـ ـھـ ـھ ھ
  • with template Arabic-international: سانچہ:Arabic-international

Kurdish language - Kurdish alphabet (Soraní ):

  • with template lang: ڤـ ـڤـ ـڤ ڤ - ـڒ ڒ - ڵـ ـڵـ ـڵ ڵ - ـۆ ۆ - ێـ ـێـ ـێ ێ - یـ ـیـ ـی ی
  • with template Arabic-international: سانچہ:Arabic-international