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آزاد انسائیکلوپیڈیا، وکیپیڈیا توں

کوآرڈینیٹس: {{{1}}}

The following templates are "subroutines" of
{{Coord}}. Separating them out drastically reduces the pre-expand size of

{{Coord}}. They shouldn't be invoked directly.

name function
displays coordinates inline
displays coordinates inline and above the article
displays coordinates above the article (generally to the right of the article's title)
generates microformats and link to GeoHack
reads coordinates in decimal degrees {{Coord|12|-12}}
reads coordinates in decimal degrees with directional letters {{Coord|12|N|12|W}}
reads coordinates in degrees/minutes format {{Coord|12|12|N|12|12|W}}
reads coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds format {{Coord|12|12|12|N|12|12|12|W}}
generates error message if the inputs do not match any of the above formats
generates error message for range checks and such
generates error message for missing latitude
pads a positive number with trailing zeroes until it matches the precision of a negative number
selects a format for converting decimal degrees, based on the precision of the inputs